Mekelpark Delft

The wide space in between the two stretches of faculty buildings of the Delft University of Technology contained a heavily trafficked road, the Mekel Road, and a number of car parking areas conveniently located in near the entrances to the buildings. Not only was the space itself dominated by the car, it also split the campus into two halves. A vision was created and implemented, in which the vehicular traffic was completely taken out (except for the bus and future tram). The area was redesigned as a park in which pedestrians and cyclists were to be the dominant users of the space, meanwhile providing a connecting element to the different faculties. ‘At 800 metres long and 80 metres wide, the Mekel Park lends a grandeur to the university and provides an enjoyable meeting place for the international community of teachers and students.’ (mecanoo) The park consists in principal of grassed zones overlaid with a network of paths. A variety of trees gives height and volume to the space. ‘Planned shops, restaurants and cafés with terraces facing Mekel Park will enhance the lively campus feel.’ (mecanoo) The park was opened in June 2009.
Text based on websites of TUDelft, Mecanoo and Arcadis

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